There is chocolate in the air

Choclate 1a

There is chocolate in the air… No, not love. Chocolate!

We are in a two story hotel in the green countryside. The stairs to the second floor are narrow and steep. The steps are creaking. A very small room with two very big comfortable beds. A big bathroom, half the size of the bedroom. Sitting on the toilet, you must get up and walk three steps to reach the toilet paper on the wall. Old English charm. Very old. Very English.

In the middle of this green little English village, there is a big ugly building. Very big. Very ugly. Red bricks. A set of buildings actually. I can forgive the ugliness when I know what is inside. Chocolate! The buildings are full of chocolate!

We arrived late last night in Bourneville outside Birmingham in England. Bourneville where chocolate manufacturer Cadbury has its factory. One of the biggest chocolate factories in the world. Out of the factory chimneys comes chocolate! You can actually smell chocolate in the air in Bourneville!
It gets better. Here you have a chocolate factory outlet store. One of the biggest chocolate stores in the world. I am starting to love it!

Chocolate 2
We have good reasons to buy chocolate. We will see friends on this trip. Chocolates make good gifts. And chocolates make good eating. If I would live permanently in Bourneville, I would put on 10 kilos in the next two years. I especially love Cadbury MisShapes. This is chocolate that has not passed the quality control. Not the right form. Not the right shine. But the same taste. It is sold in big, not expensive packs.

Chocolate 3
We eat a lot of chocolate today. We have one very good reason. We will soon catch our next flight on this trip. Airlines charge for overweight in your suitcase, not overweight on your body.
Can you give me one more praline, please!

Chocolate 4