Nature in its love phase, the power of water and Canadian red wine

Niagara 1
It is early summer in Toronto. It is sunny, clear skies, as we drive towards Hamilton. Roads are good, traffic light. We are surrounded by light green colours, the colours of early summer, colours that will change into darker green as days go by. Many flowers on the road side. Red, white, blue, violet. Nature is in its love phase….

After Hamilton, before the Falls, we pass many Canadian wineries. We did not know that wines are produced in Canada. Now we know.

Niagara 2

The power of the water is intense. Again, I cannot take my eyes from the water. Several hundred thousands of cubic meters of water going over the edge every second. Every second. Niagara Falls. Another gift from nature. Another wonder. World, you are beautiful.

Niagara 3

We walk until our legs are tired. The mild sound from falling water is gently fondling our ears. The dew from rising mist from the falls is making our jackets wet.

Niagara 4

We are back in Toronto before sunset. Our seafood dinners from previous nights is replaced with a tasty chicken meal. We try Canadian red wine. Not bad. Not bad at all…

5 thoughts on “Nature in its love phase, the power of water and Canadian red wine

  1. You seem to be constant on the move and has so much to tell! Now I know that Canadian wine is worthwile. I even found good domestic wines in Indonesia! By employing skilled winemakers, wine can be produced in a number of places, given, of coarse te right climate.

    In Indonesia, I would guess, that the winemakers would look at soil at an altitude were the temperature is cooler, the nights are cool, the soil is fertile and that there is sufficient amount of water and sunshine. I wonder wheter there are any predators to look out for?


  2. Wine in Indoniesia! Wow! That is news to me. And I live in neighbouring Malaysia, I spend more than five months a year there. In Malaysia we have no domestic wines. Do you know where in Indonesia the wines are made. The only high altitude place that I have been to in Indonesia is Bandung but I wonder if that is high enough. Did you taste the Indonesian wines?


  3. Since moving to Hong Kong I must admit I should have appreciated Niagara falls a lot more. It’s so breath taking the first time you see it in person..thanks for sharing these photos and bringing back memories!


    • Hello Choi, glad you enjoy my writing about Niagara Falls. Enjoy Hong Kong. I lived there two years in the 1990’s. Hong Kong is much more than what people normally think. Explore the New Territories, the island. Even Hong Kong island has a lot of treasures to discover!

      Liked by 1 person

      • thank u! yes hk is so much more than just concrete jungle..i do live in the territories so definitely need to explore kore!


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