Two handfuls of fish in a plastic bag

Fish 1

The menu for the evening dinner is suddenly changing. The curry can wait until tomorrow.

It has been a beautiful day. Sun from a clear sky. Warm. It feels like summer has finally come. As it eventually does every spring. It has also been a relaxing day. Small things done in the garden. Seeing friends. Some shopping.

We are sitting relaxing on the terrace, looking out over the sea. More sailing boats are moving towards Skiathos town. A fast motor boat down in Tzaneria bay. And then we see them. The fishing boats. They are on their way towards the harbour. Another day of hard work at sea. Did they catch much today?

Fish 2

There is plenty of time. It will take us ten minutes to drive into town. It will take the fishing boats fifteen minutes to reach the harbor. There the restaurants have priority. They are the regular customers. They get the best fish. But this time of the year, before the actual tourist season has started, there is always fish available for others. It is worse during the peak of the tourist season. Thousands of tourists are to be fed on the island. Many of them eat fish.

Fish 3

This time, we find good parking in the harbour. We look at the remaining catch of the day. We point at the fish we want. The procedure is simple. No weighing scales. No cash register. Just two handfuls of fish in a plastic bag. “How much?”. “Two euros”. One euro per handful of fish.

Fish 4
What kind of fish are we buying? Don’t ask me. Never ask me names of birds, flowers or fish. Birds fly elegantly in the sky, flowers are beautiful in the garden and fish smells great in the frying pan. That is all I need to know.
The menu for the dinner is fried fish, rice and a salad. And a glass of white wine.
You can’t get fresher food than this…

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