Signs of the approaching summer

Beach 2

A slow walk along an empty beach. A few persons looking for driftwood. Screaming seagulls floating elegantly in the wind. Blue skies, sun warming up the land. Only seagulls and waves make sounds, the sounds of the approaching summer.

In the next couple of weeks, the beaches will be cleaned from all rubbish that has been floating ashore during the winter storms. Only the sand will remain, then the beaches will be dressed with sun beds and sun umbrellas. The tourist invasion can start.

Skiathos, this little island of 50 square kilometers, has got 70 beaches. The cleanest and clearest water in the Mediterranean. A sun worshipper’s paradise.

We shake the sand off our shoes before we get back into the car. Driving into town. The traffic is picking up ahead of Greek Easter. Skiathians living in Athens and other places on the mainland come back to the island to celebrate the Easter, the biggest holiday of the year in Greece.

In the harbor, the first sailing boats have arrived. In the coffee shops, the islanders sit and talk, drink frappe and watch the cars entering the island from the ferries.

All the signs of the approaching summer are here…



2 thoughts on “Signs of the approaching summer

  1. Glad Påsk, vad det nu kan heta på grekiska. Hälsningar från oss i Sarasota, FL, till er båda plus vännerna från Djursholm.


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