A basket of lemons and a few oranges


A sunny day on a Greek island makes the outside world disappear. Sun and sea. A dog barking far away. Kostas serving lunch in a taverna. Laughter. “Kalimera, tikanis?” The world beyond the horizon does not exist. A cold frappe in the harbour. A slow drive back to the house. No hurry. What needs to be done can be done tomorrow. “Avrio”. Tomorrow.

Sunny days are here. We finally decide to harvest the lemons. Not as many as last year but still a good crop. Last year we had more than one hundred lemons on two trees.

Greeks use lemons on everything. In drinks. On meat. On fish. On ice cream. We have gone Greek. We also use lemons for everything. In bread. In cookies. In deserts. We squeeze a lot of lemon juice and make lemon ice cubes. Then on hot summer days, we drop the lemon ice cubes in our drinking water. A drink so refreshing….

On the forest side outside the house, we see hares and pheasants. The male pheasants are beautiful. Later in the summer, we will have a battle with the pheasants. They love our fruits in the fruit trees and our vegetables in our vegetable garden. We try to net them out. We try to chase them away. But every summer, we are only partly successful. The pheasants make sure that they get their fair share of what we are growing.

We pick one basket of lemons.  The rest can wait till tomorrow – avrio.  We also pick some oranges. We planted the orange tree a few years ago and now for the first time we get oranges on the tree. This calls for a celebration. An ouzo, perhaps?



2 thoughts on “A basket of lemons and a few oranges

  1. It certainly looks like an idyllic way of retiring -love those lemons u have & will certainly take up that suggestion of putting the juice in the ice cubes for hot sizzling days here! Saro does look she’s enjoying that sort of life too-far from the maddening crowd 👍

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