Spring cleaning and garden work, ouzo and souvlaki

09 1

Last winter was tough, Skiathians tell us. Very cold, three days of snow, temperatures down to 7 degrees below zero. We can see that in our garden. Many plants have died. But the bad winter is soon forgotten when early summer weather sets in. Blue skies, sunny, warm.

The first tourists will come in three weeks’ time. You see people painting, working in the gardens, hammering. Everything must be ready by then.

The first days on the island are always busy. Heating up the house, spring cleaning, making the garden look like a garden. Mira is helping us with the spring cleaning. She is Albanian. We have known her for 15 years and every year she is cleaning our house when we arrive.

A lot of garden work. Dead plants have to be replaced. Hard work inside the house and outside the house.

But who cares. The apple trees are blooming. Lots of lemons in the lemon trees. Nice early summer weather. Great sea views. Lots of friends, the latest gossips. And in the evening ouzo, souvlaki and Greek wine in a taverna.

It feels good to be back again……

09 2

09 3

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