Back on Skiathos Island


It is dark when we land in the evening at Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport on Skiathos. Our propeller plane from Athens was fairly full, a few people we recognize. Greeks are coming back to the island to celebrate Greek Easter.

We drive our rental car the five kilometers to our house on empty roads. The tourist season has not started yet. No reason to be outside. The temperature is 8 degrees now in the evening. A light rain is wetting the road.

Our house is welcoming us in darkness but lights are soon on. I can’t really believe it. It is 27 years now since I bought Villa Viking. The years go by fast.

Like most houses in Greece, this is a stone house. Inside it is cold and damp. The house has been empty for six months. We soon have a fire going in the fire place. Our electric radiators are switched on. A bit of mess in the house. The garden furniture is stacked in the living room.

We get a good night’s sleep. Next morning, we have our early morning coffee as the sun rises over Skopelos Island. Coffee never tastes as good as it does in this place this time in the morning.

Good moooooorning, Skiathos! We are ready for a new summer!

7 thoughts on “Back on Skiathos Island

  1. Enjoy your new vaccation. It looks like you have entered a new way to have the free time more controlled. Congrat and all the best to you


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