Busy days in Stockholm


The signs of the summer to come is here.  April weather.  Chilly winds sometimes, warming sun sometimes.  The spring flowers are braving the chills.  Their time is now.  Bloom a short time, then gone till next spring.

I have two very busy days in Stockholm.  A new passport ordered.  The old one has a year to go but only two empty pages left.  A new international driving license.  We will travel in May to countries requiring an international driving license.  Visit to the tax office.  Documentation required by the Greek tax office.  Bureaucracy is alive and thriving everywhere.

The boarding passes for tomorrow morning printed.  Taxi to the airport booked at 4 am.  Alarm clock set at 3 am.

My mobile phone, now a big part of my life, tells me that I walked 13 kilometers in Stockholm yesterday, 10 kilometers today.   Now I need to rest my legs.  I need a sleep.

Until 3 am.



3 thoughts on “Busy days in Stockholm

  1. Do hope none of you or your friends were affected by the truck accident today by a’ terrorist!’

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