The boarding cards have been printed


Monday morning in Saujana Resort….. The first cup of coffee early in the morning…

The first sun rays of the day sweeping in over the golf course in front of our balcony. A pleasant morning temperature of 26 degrees. The early golfers hitting the fairways. But today the weather changes quickly as it often does in the tropics. Cloudy skies with a slight rain move in, covering the area in grey.

I enjoy every moment of the morning, knowing that it will be some time before I will be here again. It is always sad to leave. Breathe in, remember, enjoy…

I have printed out the boarding cards for the flights. Tonight, we will be on the plane out of Malaysia. First, two days in Stockholm, Sweden. Two very busy days. Then back to Skiathos Island again. Back to paradise. Garden work, Greek salad and ouzo.

Summer is coming….

3 thoughts on “The boarding cards have been printed

    • Winter is like22-35 C ! We r now in SP for our granddaughter’s 3 Rd bday! Cooler weather than Rio & enjoying the wide variety of cuisine which Rio does not have!


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