A new adventure is starting! Follow me!

Indiana Jan

Recently, I wrote about our trip to Laos and Cambodia on Facebook.  But Facebook and I do not always see eye to eye.  So from now on, my trip through life will be mirrored in this blog, Life in a Suitcase, instead.  Join me on this trip!  The suitcase is almost packed and the airline tickets rest on the desk.

I used to write a blog some years ago, in Swedish, a blog called Skiathosbloggen.  In those days, I spent most of my time on the Greek island of Skiathos and I wrote about the island and life on the island.  At that time, I had more than 4,000 followers.  The viewing of the blog peaked twice, once when there was a major forest fire, the fire approaching our house, and the other time during the filming of the movie Mamma Mia in which I was an extra.

But there were personal changes in my life.  I moved to Malaysia and started to write about life in Malaysia on Facebook.

Now the decision has been made: in the future I will write a blog instead.  A blog again.

Soon a new adventure starts!  Follow me!


2 thoughts on “A new adventure is starting! Follow me!

  1. Intresting and creepy. A banker that killed customer for there huge amount of money. Always nice to read your storys from life


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