My new blog: Life in a Suitcase

In the late 1990’s, I attended a meeting with Dalai Lama in Prague in the Czech Republic. Dalai Lama was talking about happiness. One thing that Dalai Lama said that evening has etched itself into my mind. He said, “To be happy, you must every year travel to a place where you have never been before”.

I have lived in ten countries and have visited more than a hundred. I worked 33 years for a Swedish multinational. I had an international job and some years I had more than 200 travelling days in the world. I lived a life in a suitcase. So when I retired from this company, additional travelling did not seem to be an attractive option. For a few years, the only travel I did was to the Greek island of Skiathos where every year I spent many months, one year as many as eight months.

But the years go by, and the travel bug has hit me again. The suitcase is out once more. I want to travel again, as long as my legs can carry my body and as long as my mind can understand what I am experiencing.
In this blog, I write about my life on the road, in the air and about the places where I spend my time. Occasionally, old memories pop up from the suitcase. These could be about interesting experiences I had in the past or fascinating people I have met in my life.

Join me and my suitcase in this journey through life, in a world of splendour and beauty, if your eyes focus on the positive sides in things. Life is short – let us enjoy the ride!

2 thoughts on “My new blog: Life in a Suitcase

  1. This is actually my very first experience of following a blog. So I do not know the procedure. I suppose I sign up below? Will be fun to stay in touch this way.


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